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 REW 5.20 beta 6 
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Bluenote ha scritto:
Con che sw acquisisci ?

Ho utilizzato Adobe Audition, creando uno sweep lungo a 96khz.

saluti, Tom

09/01/2019, 23:51
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Messaggio Re: REW 5.20 beta 5
Altro aggiornamento:

V5.20 beta 5 changes:

Revised the EQ target setting panel to better explain the target types and separate the room curve controls, which can be separately enabled/disabled
Expanded EQ target selections, added a Driver target with LP and HP crossover filter selections, added a check box to enable/disable room curve settings
Added a "Speaker driver" target type with configurable low and high pass crossover filter responses
Added LP1 and HP1 filter types to the Generic equaliser to provide first order (6 dB/octave) LP and HP
Expanded the equaliser selection help to add a table of Q values to use with LPQ/HPQ filters to implement crossovers up to 8th order
Allow up to 8 subwoofers in the room simulator
Added a multitone decade fraction spacing option
Added a 1/48 octave option for multitone octave fraction spacing
Graph capture can now either save the image to file or copy it to the clipboard
Added a "Preview comment" button to the graph capture dialog
Step response calculation uses the windowed IR (including FDW if applied)
Main window comes to the front if a menu item is selected
Waterfall frequency resolution figure (to right of window width control) now takes into account the rise time
Window width, rise time and frequency resolution of the waterfall now appear in the top right corner of the plot
Do not show the distortion low pass/high pass overlay shading on the RTA when using dual tone or multitone test signals as they do not apply
Added a workaround for a Windows Java bug preventing proper display of Chinese characters in Audio device names, should also help with other non-latin character sets
If a recognised USB mic is selected as the input device automatically select the input as well so that the volume control is accessible
Removed -100 dB lower limit for magnitude values in imported responses
Reference input selector is shown on the Measure dialog when measuring impedance
Secondary output selector is not shown on the Measure dialog when measuring impedance when using ASIO
Use 4 decimal places on Distortion graph for distortion values below 0.01 %
Added support for importing COMSOL impulse response text files
Set default for the "Allow 96 PPO log spacing" analysis preference to be selected for new installations to reduce memory use and file size
Further reductions in memory use
Changed the installer application name from Room EQ Wizard to REW, affects the program group name and the shortcut name
Bug fix: Check levels could fail on the Measure dialog for some sweep frequency spans
Bug fix: Results of trace arithmetic on imported audio data would not generate waterfalls or spectrograms
Bug fix: Prevent multiple prompts for "Assuming a UMIK" when using ASIO4All and a UMIK is connected but it doesn't appear in the list of ASIO4All inputs
Bug fix: Maximum end frequency for sweep was not initialised correctly when Measure dialog was first shown
Bug fix: Spectrogram plot start frequency took account of lowest valid frequency for windowed IR instead of depending only on spectrogram window
Bug fix: Previous sample rate was not restored on the next startup

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01/02/2019, 15:49
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Messaggio Re: REW 5.20 beta 6
Uscita beta 6. Changelog nel post di apertura thread. ;)

Suono con mani e piedi...

20/02/2019, 14:56
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